Compiling ROOT v5.34.10 on OSX Mavericks with Xcode 5.0.1 (Partially solved in ROOT v5.34.11)

  1. Open config/Makefile.macosx64 file in the root source folder with any text editor.
  2. add -stdlib=libstdc++ to the variables CXXFLAGS, CFLAGSCINTCXXFLAGSCINTCFLAGS, and LDFLAGS.
  3. If Fortran is compiled and environment variables for it are set, then you should copy LDFLAGS to F77LDFLAGS before you add -stdlib=libstdc++.
  4. That’s it!
  • Finally, when you compile your code using ROOT library, -stdlib=llibstdc++ should be added as an argument to the compiler.
  • Reference

– Solved on 2013/10/31 in ROOT v5.34.11

– Added on 2013/10/22

  • I’m not sure this happens only to me, but after I updated to Mavericks GM 2 (13A603), the ROOT is not compiled on it. So, I have to find out the way to resolving this.
  1. Open core/base/inc/RConfig.h
  2. Find AvailabilityMacros.h
  3. Add path /Applications/
    in before the filename.

– Added on 2013/11/04

  • Maybe the command below will solve the all problems.

xcode-select –install

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